So here I am, making myself a new website – trying to get all my bits and bobs together and once again I am trying to orgainse and sort my self out.

It’s a New Year after all, and the New Year always makes me ponder and focus a little more than other times.

It is however February already so I’m not sure if I’m making as good a start to this as I first thought,  where did January slip away too? It vanished as quick as 2016 seemed to pass… in fact the past 15 years have some how been abit of a blur.

Fifteen that’s a long time isn’t it? on the 18th January my eldest turned 15 years old. He is fast becoming a fully grown human and now towers above me and has a wiser head on his shoulder than me or his dad. We often joke that he is the sensible one!

On the contrast to his teenage wisdom, and to keep my head in a spin, there is  my youngest who turned two just before Christmas and his childish wonder never ceases to make me smile even if Peppa Pig has become the soundtrack to all my working hours.

Yes, life is certainly busy here, but these years as quickly as they blend and blur together are here for the living. I want to be able to make the most of things,   I want to improve and progress with my personal passions, to make my children as proud of me as I am of them, because when you believe anything is possible.

boy and light up sign for christmas believe in gold