Wow 2017 you passed pretty quickly!

So we are now in 2018 and not just in we are a month in already. Lots happened over the previous 12 months - I, as always, have been super busy at home and at work.

I guess firstly I should introduce Caitlyn.. my brand new baby girl - she was born in November 2017 and is a sheer delight loved by us all, Noah has slotted into his role as Big Brother perfectly and as for the teens well I now have that 16 year old I mentioned in my first post on this site, and he is going to be embarking on his collage life soon enough - just after he's completed his exams.

As for work - well I have had a pretty productive year lots and lots of websites, all of which I have been very proud of, I am always happy to be working on projects which appeal to my own passions and I have been lucky enough to work with a fair few fantastic charities in the past few months and hope to continue in this field this year.

Whats everyone else been upto? Anyone got a burning ambition to start a new project in 2018? Maybe I can help you get things off the ground? Do get in touch!