Hello July… how fast this year is moving!

So what has been happening?  My eldest son has finished his GCSE’s and is now doing as little as possible before he embarks on his computer collage course in September, I have visions of him turning into a vampire seems as he has a aversion to sunlight and seems to want to spend his days indoors! My eldest daughter is currently on her work experience with a local nursery and she is loving that – she is really good with children and I hope she goes into that role when she finishes school next year.

Mikey is  rounding up his last week at primary school too and aced all his SATS early this year- everything seems to be marching forward and changing as the weeks, months and years whizz passed.

Noah has been at the school nursery each afternoon since Easter and is throughly enjoying it – which is a blessing as I really thought he would be a handful, having spent all his time with me prior to that but he is thriving there and loves to see his friends, and little baby Caitlyn is desperate to assert her place in the family dynamics. Eager to not be seen as the baby she is crawling and standing and desperate to walk… SLOW DOWN BABY GIRL!!

Work wise, well I’m as hectic as ever, always busy I love the new clients I’ve worked with so far this year and am exciting to see what comes next.